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Strictly Ballet Barre is a 45-minute classical ballet format. Want to feel like a ballerina? This classical ballet inspired workout has been designed to replicate a proper ballet barre class to sculpt, reshape, and slim the entire physique. The structural positions and movements demonstrated in this workout utilize century's old ballet technique incorporated with a hint of barre fitness. This specialty ballet barre instructor certification has been developed for those interested in incorporating classical ballet movements into barre classes.


The ballet routine incorporates small staccato movements, larger adagio movements, American Barre Technique's signature isometric pulse holds, and active stretching to give you the most beneficial workout.


Strictly Ballet Barre is an appropriate workout for students of all ages and fitness levels. It is LOW IMPACT, ballet focused, and performed at a moderate pace. Ballet Barre has been shown to improve balance, posture, flexibility and overall muscle tone. 


For this class you will need a stabilizer for support like a portable barre or the back of a sturdy chair. Get certified today to start teaching Ballet Barre in your area.


No Prerequisite Courses Required

Strictly Ballet Barre Instructor Certification

    • Brief History of Ballet
    • Ballet Terminology
    • Posture and Alignment
    • Music Selections
    • Class Choreography Order
    • Strictly Ballet Barre Class Structure
    • Strictly Ballet Barre Class Choreography
    • Strictly Ballet Barre Class Guidelines
    • Class Forms
    • Strictly Ballet Barre Instructor Digital Manual
    • All Quizzes
    • Free Final Exam
    • Free Video Submission
    • Strictly Ballet Barre Digital DVD
    • Sample Music Playlist Guide
    • 24-Hour Support
    • Lifetime Non-Expiring Digital Certificate Upon Course Completion (**New Addition) 
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