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Online Barre Teacher Training provides a higher education level, a larger library of knowledge, and an improved success rate of solidifying a job as a certified barre instructor. 


Completing your barre teacher training online allows you to study at your own pace to ensure memory retention of the material. The online barre certification allows you to fit the course into your normal schedule without any traveling expenses and accommodation expenses. The allotted time given to complete the online barre certification improves teaching skills and thus makes your barre classes superior in flow and structure. 


American Barre Technique strongly disagrees with Live 1-2 day (weekend or single day) certification trainings. The "crash courses" fail to provide adequate training and skills needed to satisfactorily certify instructors. Individuals who earn certificates from weekend or even one-day certification trainings do not hold the standard qualifications needed to properly teach barre classes. To become a qualified barre instructor, the American Barre Technique Online Barre Certification Course will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to teach with confidence and quality. 



WEEKEND Live Certification


  ✖ Cost: $400+


  ✖ Crash course gone bad


  ✖ Leaves you confused and unprepared  to teach


  ✖ No in-depth understanding of topics


  ✖ No individualized training


  ✖ Low quality course


  ✖ Not accredited


  ✖ Unsatisfactory certificate



ABT Online Certification


   ★ Cost: $299


   ★ Six months to complete


   ★ Sends you into the industry prepared  and confident


   ★ In-depth knowledge of topics


   ★ Individualized training with 24-hour  support


   ★ Accredited program


   ★ Meaningful certificate

Online Barre Certification vs. Live Barre Certification


     Working online from home provides a more effective way to spend your time. You are able to work when you want and how you want according to your schedule. Barre is becoming a very popular exercise and an even more popular certification to hold. There are two different ways of obtaining this certification which include passing an online course or passing a live two-to-three day course. Individuals get fooled into thinking a live two-day crash certification course is the easiest route and most effective, but these poor people get tricked and are left more confused and unsure about teaching than ever. One must ask him/herself how well she/he can learn, retain, and feel comfortable teaching an entire technique or choreographic sequence in two full days? The answer is quite simple and that is that a two or three day certification will not provide the necessary skill set needed to proficiently or even satisfactorily teach any form of a barre class.


     This backwards step takes a toll on most, but later guides the courageous, the ones who are willing to try again to get barre certified, to find a credible certification course. The digital age has opened a unique door of opportunity for individuals who work multiple jobs, individuals who care for their children, and those who are searching for a new career or hobby. American Barre Technique® provides the keys to barre instructor success with the Barre Instructor Certification Online Course. The comprehensive and easy-to-follow course allows students to study at their own pace, fast or slow, according to their needs and personal life. The course teaches students a broad range of topics that cover every thing to do with barre. ABT students are tested on their knowledge and have to show proficient skills to pass the course. The American Barre Technique® Barre Instructor Certification Online Course is the preferred choice amongst fitness professionals and is helping individuals discover a new passion for health, wellness, and fitness.

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