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Gain the knowledge and skills to confidently and comfortably teach barre anywhere. American Barre Technique® provides a certification that allows you to teach barre anywhere; at home, at the gym, at the park. We are the world's trusted barre education company and barre certification agency that strives to educate fitness professionals interested in furthering their career in health, wellness, and fitness. The barre instructor certification is a great addition to an individual, who has some fitness experience in any related field: group instruction, dance, pilates, yoga, gymnastics, kickboxing, martial arts, wellness coaching, nutrition, etc. 


American Barre Technique® focuses on ensuring each and every one of our students is proficiently trained through our comprehensive online course. The Barre Instructor Certification Course guides you step-by-step on how to effortless teach a class, educates you on terms, and delves deep into the necessary key elements that make up a great ABT class.   


At American Barre Technique® we are passionate about spreading the knowledge of ballet inspired aerobics, also known as barre.  We are true soldiers of labor when it comes to practicing what we preach and thoroughly enjoy what we do! American Barre Technique is founded upon the principles of professionalism and education of health and wellness. Jump start your fitness career with us today! 

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