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Earning the title of Certified Barre Coach is no simple task. American Barre Technique® recognizes the dedicated individuals who have successfully completed the required courses to become leaders in the barre fitness industry. 



Jennifer Henshall

Jennifer is a long-time runner and fitness enthusiast whose favorite workouts include those that focus on sculpting and tightening the whole body using a variety of equipment, body weight and ballet-inspired movements. She's a two-time marathoner (Boston Marathon 2016 finisher), an American Barre Technique Master Instructor (2017), an American Barre Technique Certified Pre- and Postnatal Barre Instructor (2017), a Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness and Nutrition Specialist (certified in 2016) and a Master Trainer for Moms Into Fitness with Lindsay Brin. Jennifer received her AFAA Group Fitness Instructor certification in 2015, CIZE certification in 2015, and PiYo certification in 2016. She is currently working on her NASM Personal Training Certification and American Barre Technique H.I. Barre Certification. 

A former communication professor and mother of two daughters, Jennifer believes harnessing a strong connection between the mind and body while training is the most effective way to strengthen the entire form. Her goal is for students to feel they received an effective full-body workout, while having fun, and to leave class feeling strong, confident and fulfilled. As an American Barre Technique Certified Barre Coach, Jennifer is looking forward to sharing her love of and passion for the American Barre Technique, its mission and popular and effective workouts with other fitness instructors.

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Holly Rice

Holly is a lover of all things barre! Having began taking barre classes following an injury from running and a diagnosis of spinal and hip issues she quickly became enthusiastic about her new fitness regime and was taking a number of classes weekly. Having gotten the barre bug she began her qualifications with American Barre Technique in 2017 achieving Level One (2018) and going on to complete Advanced Level (2018) and Master Level (2019) qualifications. During her qualifications Holly became pregnant with her second child and completed her Pre and Post-Natal qualification (2018) during this time. She is enthusiastic about helping other women achieve a fit and healthy pregnancy and specialises in teaching both pre and post natal women.


Holly’s goal with every class she teaches is to encourage women to take time for themselves and their fitness no matter where they are at in their lives. And to take the strength, determination and results they achieve during class with them every day.


Kari Kraft

Kari has been working in the fitness industry for more than 20 years and is the owner of InSPIRE Studio: Pilates & Barre in Elk River, Minnesota. Over the years, Kari has continued to advance her education in fitness by becoming Certified as a Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist through ACE, various Les Mills and other trademarked fitness formats, and in 2010 completed Pilates Mat and Apparatus Teacher Certification.  Her love for Pilates was a natural gateway to finding American Barre Technique Instructor trainings.  She completed ABT Barre Instructor Certification in 2018.  After expanding her studio, she advanced with the next three levels to become a Barre Coach, then added Ballet Aerobics and H.I. Barre in 2020.


I am a mom of two teenage boys, two fur babies, and wife of the one who supports all my dreams!  It is my passion to share ways to move and connect that truly improve the quality of our lives.  It is my hope that my clients leave class knowing that they worked their whole body and they had fun doing it!  I believe Pilates and Barre are the best foundation to help our bodies become efficient and strong.  Every body can benefit from these programs!

Certified Barre Coach | American Barre Technique Certified Barre Instructor | Kari Kraft.j
American Barre Technique Level 4 Certified Barre Coach _ Nicole Grant _ Certified Master B


Nicole Grant

Nicole is a graduate of Ryerson Polytechnic University (Toronto, Canada) with a Bachelor Arts Degree in Dance. She retired from an extensive career as a professional dancer, where she worked with dance companies across North America and Europe, as well as many cruise lines. Most recently, Nicole founded an on-line fitness company called Barre Fit Warriors where she provides livestream, personalized fitness classes, focusing on alignment and technique, which maximizes fitness results for her clients.

Nicole is excited to have become a Barre Coach with American Barre Technique and share her passion for Barre. She is also qualified to teach Yoga, Piloxing SSP and Piloxing Barre. Nicole is a consummate professional with a passion for instilling fitness, health and wellness in her clients.     


Marcia Teague

Marcia has a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and 25 years of nursing practice under her belt. Marcia had to retire early due to chronic back pain. In her search to heal herself, she discovered barre fitness. She got hooked on barre after her first workout. Since that day, barre is her routine fitness. She found it to be a great, low impact, core strengthening workout with quick, effective results. Barre has resolved her chronic lower back pain, poor posture, and improved her overall health. She says, at 55, she is living her best life! Barre inspired her to become a barre instructor and share her success story. Marcia received American Barre Technique Instructor Certification in 2022. She went on to complete American Barre Technique Advance level, Master Level and Coach Level Certification.  


Marcia is passionate about motivating individuals to take back control of their health and wellness sharing American Barre Technique. She believes living healthy is the key to true happiness in life. 

American Barre Technique Certified Level 4 Barre Coach Marcia _ Barre Certifications _ Onl
Become a Certified Barre Coach _ Level 4 Certified Barre Coach _ American Barre Technique


Kristine Hill

Kristine has always had a passion for health and fitness, and in her early days as an athlete, she excelled in numerous sports including Volleyball, Basketball, Track, Tennis, and Softball.  While serving in the military as an Army Aviator for 24 years, she turned to running, biking, and strength training as her primary fitness modalities. After retiring from the military, she returned to her true passions and completed a Master of Science Degree in Kinesiology and sat for the American College of Sports Medicine Exam and was certified as an Exercise Physiologist in February 2020.  While she had not planned on being a group instructor, it was by chance that she fell in love with teaching during her internship in 2019 and decided to pursue teaching to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.


Having taught numerous types of fitness classes including Spinning, Step, Strength, Tabata, and HIIT she was looking to bring something else to the table when she discovered Barre.  After completing the Barre Instructor Course in 2021, she decided to complete all 4 levels and did so, all within the following year. 


Always looking to expand her professional knowledge base, her logical next steps include pursuing certification with Precision Nutrition to enhance healthier eating, and yoga, to connect the mind, body, and soul.


Rafailia Eracleous

Rafailia was born in 1996 in Paphos, Cyprus. From a young age, she began her dance training and in 2018 graduated in Uk, with a BA (Hons) in Dance. She always was passionate about dance, exercise, and wellness that’s why she decided, in 2019, to follow a yoga teacher training program to be an instructor. Having gotten a love for ballet and yoga she wanted to find something that incorporates both. So in 2022, she began her training with American Barre Technique to achieve Level One, Advanced LevelMaster Level, and finally go on to coach level qualifications. In 2022, Rafailia has opened her own studio in Paphos to give other people their own safe place to discharge from the chaos of daily life. Her goal is to encourage other people to explore the world of fitness and wellness to get all the physical and mental benefits that the classes have to offer.

Rafailia _ American Barre Technique Certified Level 4 Barre Coach _ Barre instructor train
Meagan D. _ Certified Level 4 Barre Coach _ American Barre Technique _ Barre Instructor Tr


Meagan Dissinger

Meagan is a movement specialist with a focus on dance fitness, somatics, and education. In addition to Level 4 Barre Coach Certification, she holds American Barre Technique Specialty Certifications in Ballet Barre, Barre Stretch, Ballet Aerobics, and Pre/Postnatal Barre. Meagan has dance training from Penn State University and The University of the Virgin Islands, including coursework in Laban and Bartenieff fundamentals. She is also a certified dance teacher for PK-12 populations. Meagan earned her Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University’s Teachers College and is an active member of the National Dance Education Organization. She is passionate about communal dance and music-making, and teaching functional and healthy movement.


Jazmin Beckman

Jazmin has been an athlete and dancer since childhood and continued to train throughout her collegiate studies. Jazmin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences with a Minor in Dance from California State University, Sacramento and Master’s Degree in Teaching in Secondary Education from Brandman University and is currently a high school teacher by day and fitness coach by night. After having her first child in 2019, she took a break from fitness and returned to the gym in 2022 to practice yoga at Kaia FIT. She took her first barre class during that time and fell in love with the format. She was excited to share her passion of science, teaching, and fitness all in one place and joined the Kaia FIT team as a coach in November of 2022. Jazmin completed her Level 1 Barre Instructor Certification in January of 2023 and immediately began teaching barre classes at Kaia FIT. Eager to further her education and practice in barre, she later obtained her Level 2 Advanced Barre Instructor Certification, Level 3 Master Barre Certification, and Level 4 Certified Barre Coach in December of 2023 with the support of her clients at Kaia FIT. Jazmin chose American Barre Technique because she loves how the structure and format maintain the integrity of ballet movement and terminology. Jazmin also holds certifications in SHiNE Dance Fitness, TRX Yoga, Kaia FIT Cross Training, CPR/AED and First Aid, NASM-CPT, and AFAA-GFI and is working on additional certifications in Yoga (500hr), UPLIFT by SHiNE Dance Fitness, and NCSF-CSC. As a mom and military spouse, she is excited to continue working with new and returning clients and sharing her passion and practice of fitness with everyone!

Jazmin Beckman _ American Barre Technique _ Barre instructor training _ ABT Certified Barr
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