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Inside the course:

1. Complete Quizzes

2. Complete Exam

3. Submit Final Video


You will learn about:

  • Ballet Inspired Aerobics
  • New Ballet Terminology
  • Teaching to Multi Generations
  • Postural Deviations and Correct Form
  • Class Choreography (3 New Variations)
  • Big Ball Digital DVD (*New Addition)


Available only to American Barre Technique® Certified Instructor's who:
1. Passed the ABT Barre Instructor Certification Course (Level 1)
2. Passed the ABT Advanced Barre Instructor Certification Course (Level 2)
*No minimum month requirement from completion of Level 2 to commence Level 3 Certification

Level 3 Master Barre Instructor Certification Course

$399.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
    • Master Barre Instructor Certification Online Manual
    • All Quizzes
    • Free Final Exam
    • Free Final Video Submission
    • 3 Choreography Variations
    • Big Ball Digital DVD
    • Lifetime Non-Expiring Digital Certificate (Upon Course Completion)


    *Props not included: ABT Resistance Band, Big Ball (55cm-75cm)

    To purchase the ABT Resistance Band visit:




    30 Day Money Back Guarantee on course if it has not been opened/logged into. Once course is opened/logged into, returns are not accepted.

  • This online course is for ABT Certified Barre Instructors who are interested in earning the lifetime title of Certified Master Barre Instructor. You will understand your influence as a master barre instructor, learn new advanced ballet terminology, become knowledgeable about common postural habits, learn three new creative class variations, and teach others the joy of barre.