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Inside the course:

1. Complete Quizzes

2. Complete Exam

3. Submit Final Video


You will learn about:

  • Perfecting Class Flow
  • Increasing Class Difficulty
  • Advanced Ballet Terminology
  • Instructor to Client Relations
  • Current Trends
  • Class Choreography (2 New Variations)
  • Barre Ball Digital DVD (*New Addition)


Available to only American Barre Technique® instructors, who have:
1. Successfully completed and passed the Barre Instructor Certification Course (Level 1) 

Level 2 Advanced Barre Instructor Certification Course

$399.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
    • Level 2 Barre Instructor Certification Online Manual
    • 2 Choreography Variations
    • All Quizzes
    • Free Final Exam
    • Free Final Video Submission
    • Barre Ball Digital DVD
    • Lifetime Non-Expiring Digital Certificate (Upon Course Completion)


    *Props not included: Barre Ball

    To purchase your barre ball visit: 


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee on course if it has not been opened. Once the course has been opened/logged into, returns are not accepted. 

  • Deepen your understanding and knowledge of being a Certifed Barre Instructor. Learn how to perfect the flow of your classes, increase exercise difficulty, improve instructor to client relations, learn new ballet terminology, understand fitness industry trends, and perfect two creative new class variations. This course is for ABT Certified Barre Instructors who are interested in earning a higher barre teacher credential.