What does it mean to be a Certified Barre Coach?


It means earning an income while you help others get barre certified. It’s being passionate about barre and inspiring others to follow a career in fitness. Whether you are finding success teaching barre or are inspired to become a Certified Barre Coach from watching a friend find success in doing so, becoming a Certified Barre Coach will benefit you both personally and financially.


In the Barre Coach Program, you will learn about coaching instructors, giving teaching advice, and expanding your network as an ABT Certified Barre Coach.


As a Certified Barre Coach, you can start earning money right away. Earn $50 for each course purchased under your referral code.


Why would new instructors want to use my referral code? Your referral code offers 10% off the total purchase price


How does ABT keep track of my referrals? Anytime your referral code is used, it is automatically logged in the system. Payments are generated every 1st of the month.


As a Certified Barre Coach, you will have the highest barre instructor credential, as well as have the ability to earn money from UNLIMITED referrals. Become a leader in the fitness industry as a Certified Barre Coach.



Prerequisite courses:



1. American Barre Technique (Level 1) Barre Instructor Certification Course 

2. ABT (Level 2) Advanced Barre Instructor Certification Course

3. ABT (Level 3) Master Barre Instructor Certification Course



Level 4 Certified Barre Coach Program

    • Certified Barre Coach Digital Course
    • All Quizzes
    • Free Final Exam
    • Custom Biography on American Barre Technique Official Website
    • Lifetime, Non-expiring Certified Barre Coach Digital Certificate (upon course completion)
    • American Barre Technique Official Merchandise (4 Pairs of Grip Socks, 1 ABT Tank)
    • $50 Referral Payments (per each course referral)
    • Personalized 10% Off Discount Code (valid for referrals and self-purchases) 
    • New Ballet Terminology
    • Barre and the Body Anatomy
    • Creating Class Variations
    • Getting Started as a Barre Coach
    • Marketing Tips
    • How to Host a Workshop
Teach barre anywhere with the ABT online barre certification. The internationally accredited course will send you into the industry prepared and confident. Start today!
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