What does it mean to be a Certified Barre Coach?


It means earning the highest level Barre Instructor credential while also becoming eligible to earn referral fees. It’s being passionate about barre and inspiring others to follow a career in fitness. Whether you are finding success teaching barre or are inspired to become a Certified Barre Coach from watching a friend find success in doing so, becoming a Certified Barre Coach will benefit you both personally and financially.


In the Barre Coach Certification, you will learn: new ballet terminology, barre and the body anatomy, how to create class variations, and how to get started as a barre coach.


As a Certified Barre Coach, you can start earning money right away. Earn $50 per person per course. 


Why would new instructors want to use my referral code? Your referral code offers 10% off the total purchase price for them and earns you $50.


As a Certified Barre Coach, you will have the highest barre instructor credential, as well as have the ability to earn money from UNLIMITED referrals. Become a leader in the fitness industry as a Certified Barre Coach.

3-Course Bundle (For L1 Instructors Only)

  • Levels 2, 3, and 4 of Barre Instructor Certification Courses for a bundle price. The bundle includes:


    • Level 2 Advanced Barre Instructor Certification Course
    1.  Advanced Barre Instructor Certification Digital Manual
    2. Two Choreography Variation Guidelines
    3. Barre Ball Digital DVD
    4. All Quizzes
    5. Final Exam


    • Level 3 Master Barre Instructor Certification Course
    1. Master Barre Instructor Certification Digital Manual
    2. 3 Choreography Variation Guidelines
    3. Big Ball Digital DVD
    4. All Quizzes 
    5. Final Exam


    • Level 4 Certified Barre Coach Certification
    1. Certified Barre Coach Digital Course
    2. All Quizzes
    3. Final Exam
    4. Custom Biography on American Barre Technique Official Website
    5. Lifetime, Non-expiring Certified Barre Coach Digital Certificate
    6. $50 Referral Payments (per course)
    7. Personalized 10% Off Discount Code (for referrals and self-purchases)


    You will be given access to each course after completing the prerequisite course. Example: Once you complete and pass the Level 2 Advanced Barre Certification, you will be given access to the Level 3 Master Barre Certification. 


    *Once the level 2 course is launched no refunds will be issued.


    Prerequisite Course:


    • ABT Level 1 Barre Certification. You may be actively working on this course to purchase the 3-Course Bundle